Your Personal Paleo Code – Week 3

At this point I have settled in to the routine of roughly 80% compliance and although my mind continues to jump from one idea to another regarding this effort, as it always has with any effort, my progress continues. If I can get my thoughts organized I think there is a separate post here about willpower, following the advice of others, diet obsession, and following rules. What I mean is that I can’t seem to get myself to do the full reset, not because it’s too difficult or too new or too restrictive, but because I am at the point now in my life and in this journey where my mind seems to be telling me to set my own path here and do not mindlessly follow the advice laid out by others, no matter how good it may be. I am not desperate here and this is not new to me, so trying my best to follow rules that have been set by someone I’ve never met on things that may or may not benefit me just seems too unnecessary right now. So rather than follow the reset phase as it has been written in the book, I am doing my best to follow what to me seems like a better permanent path, and that is to live my life and to try my best as often as I can to follow the guidance, reflect on it, and measure my progress. That said, here are three key measurements:

Weight: 184

BP: 126/80

Gut circumference: 38″

My weight on 10/27/19 was 190 and my BP was around 153/95 and my gut measure was 40″. This is good , steady progress and I’ll take it.

In the true spirit of the 80% rule, here are two fine paleo meals and one fine pint of IPA.

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