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Everything on this site is real. I suppose it’s a character flaw, but whenever I see very slick photos and particularly when I see stock content, I think “that just doesn’t seem real.” It may be real, and it may be that the author hired a photographer to produce the photo. Or likely they grabbed the photo or paid for it from a stock warehouse of photos. I don’t get that. I just says “I’m not real” to me.

I like the ethos of punk music. Particularly, I like the idea of a punk musician with a voice and an acoustic guitar and a lot to say. And I like a straight-in-to-the-mic recording with cracks and flaws and a whole lot of honesty. This is what I’m going for with this site. Like it or not, and perhaps to my own detriment, you will not find stock content and made up material here. And you will find as many, if not more, bad quality photos of real people and real exercises and real food, as you will good quality photos. If the photo makes the point, it is appropriate. This is real and it’s honest. Just as your effort to improve your health and start an exercise program and move to the next level and lose weight and improve your blood sugar or blood pressure or mood or skin or mobility are very real and often not glamorous. But they’re real, and they are to be celebrated here.

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