Single Leg Squat Progression

Body-weight squats are a fantastic exercise for so many reasons. The squat is a natural human movement pattern that serves many functions. Once you have the mobility and flexibility to master the correct form, you can quickly build up a great deal of leg strength so that body-weight squats eventually become as much a conditioning or fat burning exercise as a strength-building exercise. For my progressive calisthenics instructor certification test, for example, we had to do 40 full-range-of-motion squats to start the test.

Once you have gotten to the point of sets of 20 or more two-legged body-weight squats with proper form, it is time to start working on single-leg squats. Single leg squats more than double the difficulty of regular squats, as they require much more strength in addition to mobility, flexibility, and balance. The pistol squat is the king of single leg squats. It is an advanced move that takes quite a long time to master. Additionally, it can be stressful on the knees if trained improperly and particularly if you are older. I don’t train the free-standing pistol squat regularly for these reasons. But there are many variations of single-leg squats and lunges between the two-leg variety and the free-standing pistol squat. This post discussing two of these variations: the Bulgarian Split Squat and the Hover Lunge. At the end of the post is a video that demonstrates all of the exercises necessary to master these two moves.

Bulgarian Split Squat
Stand about two to three feet in front of a raised surface such as a chair, bench, stair, or foot stool. Place the non-squatting leg behind you and bend it so that the toes are resting on the raised surface and the sole of the foot faces upward. To assist yourself and reduce the difficulty (particularly if balance is an issue), you can perform this movement with something in front of you such as a wall or a chair to hold on to. Squat down until the non-squatting leg’s knee just touches the ground, and then raise yourself back up.

Hover Lunge
The hover lunge is a free-standing single leg lunge or squat that is a bit more forgiving than the pistol squat and is a very natural and athletic movement. It is a strength-building exercise that requires quite a bit of flexibility and balance. The hover lunge is performed similarly to the Bulgarian Split Squat except that the non-squatting leg is not resting on a surface. This requires you to lift your entire body weight with the squatting leg and also requires you to retain your balance throughout the entire range of motion. You can progress to this exercise by mastering assisted Bulgarian Split Squats and then free-standing Bulgarian Split Squats, and then you can assist yourself with the hover lunge by holding on to an object in front of you such as a wall or chair. This will take some of the weight off the squatting leg and will also remove much of the balance requirement. As you improve upon practicing the movement, try to provide less and less assistance. For example, you can switch to holding the assisting object with one hand then simply touching it with one finger before removing the assistance entirely.

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