Dive-Bomber Push-Ups

This incredible move is quite possibly the only push movement you ever need for strength AND flexibility! Why? Because it encompasses two yoga moves and two calisthenics strength moves. It starts with Downward Dog, dives down to a vertical push then Upward Dog and then to a pike push-up. WOW.

The “dog” components are great for mobility and flexibility. Really take your time with these and change your hip position. As you’re going from Downward Dog to the dive, really try to keep your nose just above the ground and flex your spine. Next, push your upper body almost vertically as if it were a body-weight dip, then hold this Upward Dog position. Try to reverse the dive and if you’ve ever practiced pike push-ups, the last component of the move will feel very familiar. If I’m really taking my time and feeling the components, I can’t do more than five of these.

My spinal and shoulder flexibility leave a lot to be desired here, but I’m getting there!

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