Which Diet Is Best? Vegan? Paleo? Keto? Mediterranean? (Just Ask Your Great Grandmother)

Another article about optimal diet is just what you need right now, right? Well yes, actually. And there is a very specific reason why. There is perhaps nothing more rife with BS, politics, and misinformation than talk of proper diet. Most of the diet and nutrition space resembles identity politics. And that’s precisely why it’sContinue reading “Which Diet Is Best? Vegan? Paleo? Keto? Mediterranean? (Just Ask Your Great Grandmother)”

You Should Try Mechanical Drop Sets

Drop sets are exquisite.  Drop sets are brutal.  Drop sets are so efficient, they are a way for you to get an entire workout from just one set!  They are also a way for you to include ALL rep ranges in a single set!   Rep ranges are a hot topic in strength training circles.  IfContinue reading “You Should Try Mechanical Drop Sets”

Single Leg Squat Progression

Body-weight squats are a fantastic exercise for so many reasons. The squat is a natural human movement pattern that serves many functions. Once you have the mobility and flexibility to master the correct form, you can quickly build up a great deal of leg strength so that body-weight squats eventually become as much a conditioningContinue reading “Single Leg Squat Progression”

“Comfort Wants You Dead”: An Interview with Brian Hunter of Coastal Calisthenics

IntroductionI met Brian Hunter at the Progressive Calisthenics Clinic in NYC in October 2019. While most of us were quite challenged by this rigorous two-day instructor certification course, Brian was one of a select few “standout students”, for whom the whole thing seemed like a casual weekend retreat. At the clinic I learned that BrianContinue reading ““Comfort Wants You Dead”: An Interview with Brian Hunter of Coastal Calisthenics”

Form Is Everything “Fit Over 40” Interview: Orlando Ortiz

IntroductionNot long ago I was trying, and failing, to complete my first 5MD. The 5MD is the “five minute drill”, and although it has many faces these days, the original 5MD is 50 pull-ups and 100 push-ups in 5 minutes or less. If you have been doing these exercises for as many years as IContinue reading “Form Is Everything “Fit Over 40” Interview: Orlando Ortiz”

Form Is Everything “Fit Over 50” Interview: Chris James

Steve: Tell us a little bit about yourself.  Your name, age, where you live, and what health and fitness activities you currently participate in.  Have you won any awards or set any records?  If so, please tell us about those.   Chris James: I’m Chris James. Currently 52 and living in the UK with my partner,Continue reading “Form Is Everything “Fit Over 50” Interview: Chris James”

The Plainclothes Athlete

Plainclothesmanperson: Noun. A police officer, especially a detective, who wears civilian clothes when on duty. And so I declare the Plainclothes Athlete to be one who wears regular clothes while exercising. Put another way, perhaps one who does not need to change clothes to exercise. Calisthenics is the perfect form of exercise. (I’m not biased.) CalisthenicsContinue reading “The Plainclothes Athlete”

Body Weight Pull Exercises You Can Do At Home and the Basic Equipment Needed

The Big Three basic calisthenics movement categories are push, pull and squat. From these simple groupings can be found an endless variety of movements with every difficulty level imaginable and all you need for a lifetime of progress. Pushing exercises include all variations of push ups and dips. Squats include all manner of one- andContinue reading “Body Weight Pull Exercises You Can Do At Home and the Basic Equipment Needed”

It Took a Long Time to Get Here: Confessions of a Minimalist Bodybuilder

The older I get (I’m 55) the less complexity I want in the things I like to do. In fact, nowadays I demand less complexity. My job (data analyst) is complex enough; I don’t have patience for complexity in my extracurricular interests. At work I’m known as a hard-core bike rider. That’s because I’ve beenContinue reading “It Took a Long Time to Get Here: Confessions of a Minimalist Bodybuilder”